Expats Quarantine in Italy


We are living a delicate and "exceptional" moment, destined to change reality as we know it, and each of us, forever.

The awareness of living an epochal moment made us want to tell, from a European and international perspective, how fellow europeans expats stuck in Italy are living this time.
In amoment that sees all of us, albeit far, never so close, we want to question once again our identity.

The goal is to build a collective story, made of the video contributions that each of you will send us, of how europeans expats stuck in Italy are living the quarantine; and with it, what is the perception that they have of their Country, of Italy while it hosts them, and of the very concept of European identity, which today as never before, seems to falter and yet it is necessary, if we want to defeat a crisis that affects us all and, as never before, brings us closer to uncertainty.


To help us build this narrative, we ask each of you to send us a video content, shot on a smartphone, where you introduce yourself indicating:

• Name
• Surname
• Job
• Home town
• Italian city you are living in

In addition to this, we would ask you to make short video content that shows us your daily life during this quarantine:

• Your window view
• With whom do you share the house
• A particularly significant object or corner of the house
• How and if you are working from    home
• What do you do in your spare time

Use your smartphone! Film yourself, or let your roommates film you.


• Film horizontally
• Film for at least 15 seconds
• Keep the original video
• Do not insert text or graphics on the video
• Do not edit the video

The videos should be sent by Wednesday 29 April 2020.

Via mail: (as attachment or via wetransfer)
Via Whatsapp: +39 338 1313052

Subject of the email: Film ECP.

We look forward to receiving your video!




By April 29


European expats living in Italy